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James Birkett

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06:32 pm: I rememeber normaility.
Discovered several interesting things while out with Andy and other former Bristolians in Woking. Firstly, if you order pernod and lemonade, and it tastes rather unpleasantly like pernod and soda water, it's probably because the lemonade pump has ran out. Took me two of them to figure out that. :-(

Secondly, even when the music is very loud, ordering drinks via predictive text and showing your mobile to the barmaid can be dangerous. For example "A shot of Smirnoff vodka" uses the same keys as "A pint of poisoned vodka". one to be careful of, that one.

Thirdly, the condom machine in the gents toilets at the Rat and Parrot in Woking displays unmistakeably a very large FreeBSD logo. We presume that it's running NetBSD and the owners just got the logos muddled.

Fourthly, Andy plays poker less well when drunk. Huzzah! Both lizzie and I felted him with J6 suited. Different occasions and different suits, but still, was entertaining :-)

and finally, I got bored on the train home, and really needed the loo. Obviously, south west trains don't clean the toilets on their trains anywhere near often enough, and there was no way I was going in there... So as the train sat on the platform at Virginia Water, I noticed that the departures board said it wasn't leaving for another 10 minutes or so. So I got off and tried to use the gents in the station which was locked. Then I decided to look at Virginia Water. It's very pretty. I didn't see much of it, but there are some pretty old buildings, and surprisingly, some new ones around them that compliment the old really well. I was very impressed. After having wandered for a while, I thought I'd just keep going, so I set off in the same general direction as the train line, hoping to find Saville Gardens, which are nearby, and I knew the way home from there. I found a footpath instead. I had been diverging from the train line somewhat, and it seemed to be heading back that way, so I followed it. It abruptly turned into a swamp. Ah well, never surrender, never turn back, so onwards until I find myself with very muddy feet and trousers in a field with horses. I decide that that's probably not where the footpath is supposed to go, eventually find an exit onto a little road. Wondering where I am, I meander along, admiring the scenery and watching dusk fall over the treeline. Which isn't a treeline at all, there's no way you can possibly mistake the roof of founder's building! Without trying I had apparently found a back entrance to Royal Holloway, with a big sign and everything. Win! :-) Only took about forty minutes too, and it's a much nicer walk that the twenty minutes up hill from Egham station.

That was a good day.

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Date:January 22nd, 2006 11:27 am (UTC)
This was normality? Sounds good.

Since you're in London now we must launch on expotition to find a pub and drink in it at some point.
Date:January 22nd, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)
We must indeed. I'm free most evenings other than mondays, but have plans for next weekend. So either a weeknight or the first weekend of march looks good right now :-)
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